Based on the tenets of “Love All – Serve All” and “Help Ever – Hurt Never,” NCSSO was established to serve the underprivileged, impoverished and most vulnerable members of society. Our spiritual teacher, Sathya Sai Baba, taught us the importance of service to others and love of all regardless of ethnic or religious background. He founded institutions which provide free education and free healthcare to all, and His life was dedicated to elevating people out of poverty and illness and uplifting humanity.


All Board members are volunteers and we have 0% management overhead.

Ravikant Varanasi, MD


A board-certified gastroenterologist practicing in Pinehurst, NC, Ravi is the quintessential example of the American dream. He immigrated to the United States with his parents as an 11-month old infant, and exactly twenty-three years later to the day, he graduated from medical school. Gratitude for the opportunities afforded him is a primary reason why Ravi feels service and giving back to the community is so important.

Ravi has volunteered in many soup kitchens and shelters and during his medical training, he helped create a program in which thousands of bag lunches were distributed to the homeless population of Baltimore, Maryland. He has done volunteer medical work locally and internationally and participated in medical missions after natural disasters in Haiti and the Philippines. He believes that service is the best way for individual transformation and to realize the unity in the diversity around us.

Prabhakar Kamath

Vice President

Prabhakar is a mechanical engineer by profession. After earning his master's degree in Engineering, he joined a multi-national corporation. He held various engineering and management positions during his career, After retirement, he and his wife settled in Morrisville, NC.

Prabhakar's inspiration for volunteering started with Habitat for Humanity home building activity. Since then, he has volunteered at Salvation Army soup kitchen, stocking and serving customers at Food Bank, medical and dental camps, pillow making service with HSNC senior group, peace booth at NC State fair, etc. Satya Sai Baba's teachings motivated him to serve the local community in other ways as well. He is a board member of the triangle interfaith alliance and actively supports Habitat for humanity Interfaith Build Program and Campaign Non-Violence. He is excited to be part of NCSSO and help broaden the scope & reach of worthwhile service activities.

Nara Simhan


Nara Simhan is a retired telecom networking manager. After receiving his education in India and Europe, he settled in the United States. Growing up in an environment where groceries and other items were rationed based on socioeconomic status, he became acutely aware of the need for community service and to help those less fortunate.

In 1992, Nara Simhan was introduced to the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba. The focus of service to mankind energized him to volunteer in a multitude of community projects, including improving race relations, refugee support, feeding the hungry, healthcare and homelessness. He has served in various capacities, including organizer, volunteer, and fundraiser. These experiences inspired him to envision the creation of an organization to support underserved communities of all faiths and orientations.

Sudhakar Sreenivasan


Sudhakar has over 30 years of experience working at an international IT company at a variety of positions. His education background includes an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA.

He has participated in a variety of service activities: preparing sandwich packages, building with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at disaster reliefs, soup kitchens, medical service project etc. His drive for service to the community comes from the inspiration derived from Swami’s various service activities across the globe. His message of ‘Service to man is Service to God’ resonates and inspires him to actively participate in community service.

Working along with like minded individuals, he hopes to expand and widen the reach and scope of the service projects through NCSSO.

Rajesh Nadipalli


Rajesh is a Big Data Executive at PPD where he leads the enterprise data architecture and strategy. He is passionate about technology and how it can help everyone in leading a better life.   Rajesh holds an MBA from NCSU and author of several Big Data books.

Rajesh is a regular volunteer at several local organizations in the triangle area including Food Bank, IFC Soup kitchen, NCSU STARS USCRI Refugee outreach and others.  He  believes that service to humanity is service to God.  Rajesh is excited to be part of the NCSSO volunteer organization and as the secretary manages the board meetings and also manages the website.